I have always been a fan of India Hicks and love her design style. If you have not had a chance to check out Oxford Exchange’s OE Spotlight you should. It is a fun event that features interesting people doing interesting things. You can subscribe to their calendar and many events are free. I signed up, grabbed a good friend and we headed out for what turned out to be an entertaining talk. I expected that it would focus on her design book that they were selling and she was personally autographing but it ended up being focused more on her life and new business selling accessories in a home party with “ambassadors” helping you select accessories from the growing brand.

Having attended a party of a friend who is a new ambassador I already knew that I liked their selection of quality, classic accessories and always enjoy hearing what brought people to where they are in life. I thought I’d share a few of the highlights with you. India Hicks has 5 children and has lived primarily in the Bahamas for the last twenty plus years. She and her husband have designed their homes, hotels and other projects. They are expected to be sharing a new home in England they have designed in Architectural Digest in the near future.